Our Features

  • Verified User Profiles: Users can establish trust and authenticity by verifying their profiles with real identities, promoting genuine interactions within the community.

  • Versatile Group Options: Qoneqt offers diverse group settings—Public, Private, and Paid—allowing users to create and join communities that suit their preferences and needs.

  • Secure and Safe Environment: Ensuring a safe online space, Qoneqt strictly prohibits illegitimate activities, emphasizing privacy and security as top priorities.

  • LinkedIn Integration: Simplify the sign-up process by linking your LinkedIn profile, enabling seamless access to Qoneqt's community.

  • Multi-Platform Access: Users can log in and engage with the platform from both web and mobile devices, ensuring connectivity regardless of the preferred device.

  • Group and Channel Creation: Empowers users to create their own groups and channels, fostering tailored communities for discussions, content sharing, and networking.

  • Social Token Creation: Provides the ability to create social tokens, enhancing engagement and interaction within the platform through unique tokens.

  • Content Monetization: Enables users to monetize their content by creating and managing paid groups, offering a straightforward way to earn through the platform.

  • Crypto Gifting: Facilitates crypto gifting, allowing users to engage in gifting transactions using cryptocurrency within the Qoneqt community.

  • Continuous Innovation and Adaptation: Qoneqt, developed by HUMAN QUOTIENT PRIVATE LIMITED, thrives on continuous learning, adaptation, and innovation, aiming to bridge the gap of trust in the digital landscape

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