⛓️Creating Groups!

In Qoneqt, groups serve as dynamic hubs for like-minded individuals to connect, share, and engage around common interests, ideas, or objectives. These groups form the backbone of our vibrant community, fostering connections and interactions in diverse spheres.

Types of Qoneqt Groups:

Qoneqt offers users the flexibility to create and join various types of groups, catering to different preferences and needs within the community. These groups are primarily categorized into three distinct types:

  1. Public Groups:

    • Open communities visible to all users.

    • Encourage broad participation and discussion on shared interests.

    • Admin and moderators manage content and discussions.

  2. Private Groups:

    • Restricted access communities for specific members.

    • Ensure privacy and a more exclusive environment for discussions and interactions.

    • Admin maintains control over membership and content visibility.

  3. Paid Groups:

    • Exclusive groups with additional features and benefits.

    • Offer subscription-based access for unique content and interactions.

    • Admin sets membership fees and distributes them among admins or moderators.

Group Creation:

Now, let's go through the details of each group.

  1. Public Group Creation:

    • Group Details:

      • Enter your Group Name and Group ID.

      • Select a Category: Choose from various categories suggested to categorize the group appropriately.

      • Add Group Description: Provide a description highlighting the group's purpose and activities.

    • Admin/Moderator Post Permissions:

      • Enable the checkbox to restrict post creation to only admin and moderator roles.

    • Group Icon: Upload an icon that represents the group visually

  2. Private Group Creation (Similar to Public Group):

  • Group Details:

    • Enter Group Name, Group ID, Select Category, and Add Group Description.

  • Admin/Moderator Post Permissions:

    • Similar to the public group, restrict post creation to admin and moderator roles.

  • Group Icon: Upload an icon representing the private group.

  1. Paid Group Creation (Additional Sections):

  • Subscription Type:

    • Choose the subscription model: One-time, Monthly, or Yearly.

  • Member Fee Section:

    • Admin sets charges per member for accessing the group's content and benefits.

  • Fee Distribution:

    • Admin determines the fee distribution among admins and moderators, whether equally among them or among all members based on their roles.

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